Lucy-Jane Allen’s work explores the nuances of human emotion. She aims to capture a combination of tangible and abstract moments alongside the essence of often imperceptible times.

“My work embodies the narrative, tangibility, and abstraction of the human experience. The fluidity of paint is exemplified, as I question the use of colour, text, and form, by pushing boundaries in regards to what it means to be a female painter.

I challenge the conventional use of colour and expressive painting through the introduction of written language to anchor my works. To achieve this, I select and create titles from various sources, such as poetry, conversations, or my own thoughts. These texts centre around the intimacy of authentic moments, as I highlight the interplay between storytelling, connecting with the audience, and conveying my own personal journey. This invites viewers to engage with each piece and encourages them to connect with their own emotional experiences.

I have drawn inspiration from personal photography which has helped shape my creative vision and approach. Yet, I have also learned to trust my artistic intuition, allowing myself the freedom to experiment and take risks when appropriate. Both my film and digital photography captures transitory moments – candid instances that cannot be replicated or arranged. This imagery is present in my painting as I focus on the innate beauty of humanity and nature and the dynamic interplay between people and their surroundings. Alongside the depiction of the human experience, I have also endeavoured to highlight elements of the creative process within my practice. Exploring how spontaneity and embracing imperfection can influence artistic outcomes”.

Lucy-Jane graduated with a BA (Hons) Painting ECA 2023. She is based between Edinburgh and London and continues to practice her painting and photography.  We featured Lucy-Jane’s work in our annual highlight Best Of Scottish Art Schools Grad Show 2023.