Lily Macrae

Lily Macrae graduated from ECA with a BA(Hons) in Painting in 2016. Her first solo show is currently open in the gallery. She says of this latest body of work:

“I am drawn to the fleeting nature of the painterly gesture.

Working in the grey area between figuration and abstraction my work transcends the boundary between the two. I bring my own aesthetic to the representation of the female nude today, with a contemporary palette. The fluidity of form and raw corporeal power which the body possesses brings an intensity to each work. For me, the form has the ability to connect with timeless human experience.

The transient qualities inherent in painting are integral to my working process, my practice is an exploration into the handling and manipulation of paint. Each painting is in a state of flux, melding from one image to another; dispersing; fading in and out of focus and intensity. I construct images which collapse and are lost, then rebuilt layer by layer. I want to allude to the framework and process of a painting, to reveal a hint of recognisable form, and leave behind the reminiscent mark.

This recent body of work draws elements from the human architecture and brushwork of old masters, taking historic images and placing them in a contemporary aesthetic, building on the inspiration of artists from Delacroix to Cecily Brown.”