Edinburgh based Libby Hickson is a multi-disciplinary designer and artist. Her series Allsorts – a vibrant, busy, highly visual and engaging body of work – celebrates the unappreciated imagery that exists everywhere, from supermarket billboards, fabrics and clothes to high street packaging and general scraps. These mass produced and somewhat monotonous patterns and designs are repurposed and given a new identity within her work.

“The world is full of all sorts of striking visual imagery that goes often unappreciated. Supermarket billboards, catalogues, packaging – these garish images bleed into our daily lives often unnoticed. When contemplating this within the boundaries of painting, I intend to blend the monotony of mass-produced motif and the temporality of pop-up installations, to create a wholly immersive art experience. These pieces flirt with the maximum and host a family of wacky characters that I documented during the pandemic. Composed of household emulsions and repurposed materials, this body of work is grounded in humble origins. I intended to reject formalised means of creation and display and wanted instead to create non-elitist artworks that are inexpensive to produce. Encapsulating the working domestic experience within the materiality of my painting further disassembles the hierarchy between artist and audience, but also ids the works temporary nature.

‘Allsorts’ will never look the same twice. The images you see have had a life before this installation and will have a life beyond these walls. You may see whispers of their collage display – a rogue leg or arm here and there. I hope that when they enter your home they bring a splash of chaos with them”.

Libby graduated with a 1st class BA(Hons) Painting from ECA 2022. We are delighted to be featuring her work in our highlight ‘Best of Scottish Art Schools Grad Show 2022’.