Joshua Stanton graduated from ECA in 2017 and featured in our Best Of Scottish Graduates Show. He completed an MFA in Contemporary Art Practice and is now undertaking a 2-year PhD Art at the GSA. He works with deep neural network systems (artificial intelligence learning algorithms which replicate, to an extent, the function of neurons in the human brain – strengthening or weakening pathways as they learn). The networks he uses are involved with computer vision and include Google’s “deep dream” algorithm, as well as others such as deep style and generative networks. He trains these AI networks on photo archives and feeds them input to respond to. This process and its products act as a platform for experimentation. Joshua responds to the outputs of these systems with mixed media paintings.

Through this cyclical process of feedback, he is able to explore the potential for creative collaboration between human and artificial intelligence.

“Where are myth magic and mysticism in the age of information? Distorted perception and altered states of reality allow us to enter the circus of the psyche. Where the shadows on the wall paint pictures of our past lives” – Joshua Stanton.