Jessica Gasson graduated from ECA 2018 after completing a 5 year MFA Degree. She specialises in Medieval Art and Sculpture, and also works in textiles: weaving, felting, knitting, sewing and digital printing. She say’s of her Degree Show work;

“I am interested in why we are drawn to traces, and what we do with them: starting with the first museum ‘collections’ of the 14th century and the inventories of possessions painted in medieval manuscripts, to the Renaissance cabinet of wonders. Trace as a noun: ‘the marks remaining indicating a former presence’. The active trace, a verb, is a gesture: tracing, traced, to trace. Originating from the Ancient Greek tractere, ‘handle’, this is a process of pursuit with the eye, hand or mind ‘to trace a path or thought’. I focused on bats with echolocation and remarkable spatial memory as a vehicle for questions about sensory interaction and phenomenology. Thinking about the difference between a ‘scientific’ data versus ‘artistic’ traces I created a synthesis of precise technological processes with traditional printmaking approaches, laser cutting bats flight paths into acrylic to create an etching plate”.