Born in 1982 and raised in the state of R.I, I started my journey with photography in 2005 by taking courses at Bristol Community College in Fall River M.A. These first few photography classes then branched out into studying art, taking a variety of classes in all mediums, and in 2008 I transferred to the Glasgow School of Art in Glasgow Scotland. Where I graduated with a BA Honours degree in Fine Art Photography in 2011. My

Originally my subject matter concentrated on urban decay in a capitalist society, including images of derelict factories, hospitals and housing. This was due to a fascination with the abandoned buildings and environments that littered the towns and cities surrounding my hometown of Tiverton.

Over the past five years my work has been focusing on a more personal subject, the creation of an individual’s identity through experiences and time.

Working in a combination of analogue and digital, I like to push the boundaries of how a photograph is viewed and perceived by physically altering my negatives and final prints to explore the many physical and psychological layers of the human body, and isolated structures.  These subjects are intrinsically similar in that their identities are formed by their memories.

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