Glasgow artist James Klinge is renowned for some of the city’s finest street art. Specialising in stencils, spray-paint and acrylics he has easily made his name as one of the top stencil artists out there. In 2018 he made a conscious decision to focus on his studio practice of Fine Art.

His 2019 installation of works, titled ‘Flames of Democracy‘ are a response to Brexit. Klinge looks at how the bridges that unite the countries within the United Kingdom are on fire with those who struck the match unable to extinguish the blaze… “The fire roars on, louder and louder with the defining sound preventing voices being heard leaving uncertainty and devastation for us and our future”.

Klinge graduated from DJCAD with a BA(Hons) in Illustration and Printmaking. It was during his time studying that he became absorbed by working with stencils to create work and began to teach himself how to utilise this technique. Instantly becoming addicted to the process and challenge of capturing intense and intricate detail from hand cutting multi-layered stencils.  Klinge has built a career that has allowed him to work with global brands and exhibit his work across the UK in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Bristol and London as well as internationally in several cities in Australia.