James Frew is a fine artist based in Glasgow. He graduated in 2015 from GSA with a BA(Hons) in Fine Art. In February 2017, Frew was awarded the prestigious John Mather Rising Star Scholarship for his work into Expanded Field painting. Graduating with Distinction from his recent Master’s degree at Glasgow School of Art, he was also awarded the esteemed Chairman Medal by the school, as well as recently being nominated for the distinguished Foulis Award, of which he is awaiting the outcome.

Frew’s work has been featured in numerous publications, including: Art Reveal Magazine, The Glasgow Herald, List Magazine and STV Online. He was also included in the Painting, Drawing and the Digital International Symposium, held in June 2017 at the University of Northampton. As well as this, Frew, alongside a select group of artists represented by Art Pistol, participated at the 2017 Scottish Culture Awards.

His work attempts to challenge the idea of painting. His most recent collection was produced for his first solo show held in the gallery in 2017, titled ‘Post-Mortem Of The Axiom’.

Show Statement:

By investigating media in a Post-Expanded Field setting, Frew’s work aims to articulate a correspondence between the traditional formal properties of media and the digital, considering a semiotic, poststructural interrogation of how media is defined and disseminated in an expanded Post-Internet, Altermodern media network. He aims to outline problems he perceives in the current Expanded Field art model, and how as an artist, he can employ strategies to move beyond formal stagnation. By engaging with a wide variety of media, Frew attempts to challenge traditional preconceptions of what painting can be.

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