James Frew is a professionally exhibiting artist and academic whose work explores the formal dynamics of a traditional painterly discourse re-appropriated in a Post-Internet, Post-Analogue painting context. His research is concerned with the role of the painted gesture within the Post-digital, in particular its cultural and formal manifestations as a translative entity; specifically, the polymorphic capacity gesture presents amidst analogue and digital modes of production and reception.

James has a long and illustrious relationship with The Glasgow School of Art. He graduated from the school in 2015 with a BA(Hons) in Fine Art. He graduated with Distinction and was awarded the esteemed Chairman Medal by the school. He returned to complete his Master of Letters in Fine Art Practice in 2017 and was the recipient of the prestigious John Mather Rising Star Scholarship for his work into Expanded Field painting. From 2018-2021 he undertook his PhD – as a Doctoral Research Student, his research explored the possibilities for new modalities of practice and means of production for painting, arising from the investigation of technological processes. His work aimed to make an original contribution to knowledge through analysing the surface gestures and morphologies of painting as they develop in relation to the analogue and digital, considering the Expanded Field of painting as a contextual basis. His research incorporated the translation of material processes carried out in the studio into technological production, ultimately involving technological integration with painting which reflects rapidly developing Post-Analogue art practices. And finally, most recently, James was accepted by the school to undertake a PG Cert in Learning & Teaching.

In 2019, we enjoyed collaborating with James on an internal mural project at the Radisson RED, Glasgow. You can find out more details on this work here.

James currently has no work available.