Jacob Littlejohn is a full-time contemporary Fine Artist who lives and works in Edinburgh. His paintings are big, emphatic, expressive canvases that are both brutally and delicately swathed in exquisite colour. Perfectly weighted compositions. Highly textured surfaces combine with pockets of energetic gestural mark making. These works explore the realm of human behaviour and human interactions; what is revealed and what is kept out of sight.

Throughout lockdown, Littlejohn has focused his area of concentration and study on his immediate environment, drawing from characteristic areas of his garden and tracing daily walks in linear format.

“I also began exploring natural pigments found in my garden, inspired by the work of Onya McCausland – in particular, ‘Turning Landscapes Into Colour’ – where she displayed the difference in ochre pigments, elicited by the geographical location of the coal mine in which they were obtained. Recently, I’ve been thinking about what materials could be sourced from different locations and how each work created can in turn illustrate these and become a tangible connection to its origins. By reading the work of Bachelard I have been considering the space that we choose to form and manipulate around us in order to best meet our needs as individuals, taking a direct visual influence as well as a metaphorical approach to these environments”.

Littlejohn graduated from GSA (2018) with a 1st Class BA(Hons) in Painting & Printmaking. He went on to be Graduate Artist in Residence at Leith School of Art during 2019/2020 – which is a fully funded residency. His plans to complete his Masters over in San Francisco are currently on hold due to the ongoing restrictions.