Jacob Littlejohn is a full-time contemporary Fine Artist who lives and works in Edinburgh. His paintings are big, emphatic, expressive canvases that are both brutally and delicately swathed in exquisite colour. Perfectly weighted compositions. Highly textured surfaces combine with pockets of energetic gestural mark making. These works explore the realm of human behaviour and human interactions; what is revealed and what is kept out of sight.

Littlejohn say’s of his work;

“My work touches on abstract expressionism and the theatricality found in experiencing and unveiling of works of art. The central motifs include windows, stages and curtains, which act as physical and metaphorical barriers that either protect or expose intimate emotions and ideologies. While the inception of my work begins with my own exploration of the tension between the hidden and the revealed, the experience of the audience is wholly wrapped up in my process of creating. My practice aims to trigger the sublime. It is deeply dependent on the ontological experience shared with the audience, whether it be an overwhelming or ambivalent one.”

Littlejohn graduated from GSA (2018) with a 1st Class BA(Hons) in Painting & Printmaking. He’s currently undertaking a full time, fully funded residency at the Leith School of Art.