Hermione Macmillan graduated from ECA with a degree in Fine Art (2016) and she completed her History of Art MA(Hons) at Edinburgh University.

Inspiration for her paintings is taken from her immediate urban environment. From the bright, bold, contemporary range of colours and varying shapes seen in commercial objects in department stores to modern external architecture structures. These objects and buildings are translated into abstract shapes and colours and repetitive design. She seeks to elevate the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Macmillan has recently returned from 2 years overseas and has produced her latest series ‘Hong Kong Landscapes’. She say’s of this latest collection;

“My Hong Kong Landscape series is a take on the vibrant city of Hong Kong. Having lived in there for two years, the tall skyscrapers, intricately air-conned windows and tram-filled streets made an ever-challenging scene to work with. I hope to have drawn on Hong Kong’s true character in these paintings using the maze of shapes, detail and colour it provides.”