Georgina Vinsun is a contemporary British artist who paints colourful abstracts, often with a Romantic edge. Her paintings are inspired by colour, by flowers, trees, light, dark, sounds, smells, memories – everything. Georgina would say however, that the thing most central to her work is the awesomeness of nature, in particular, the sky.

“I love the sky, even when it’s a grey and gloomy day, there always seems to be something going on which lifts my soul and raises my spirits somewhat, I feel such a connection with the elements. With my paintings I aim to evoke thoughts of nature, gardens and skies in those viewing them, but simultaneously I like for the works to retain an element of ambiguity, of total abstraction, thus leaving them completely open to interpretation – I love hearing what people see in my work! Alongside for my passion for natures sits a deep-seated passion for spontaneity and expression , which finds its form in the brush marks and spiralling gestural lines which come to rest on top of the soft atmospheric veils of colour which make up the body of my paintings.

My more abstract work focuses on just that, abstraction! But also colour and speed, simply enjoying the colours and the paint. I go through phases of finding my work boring, laboured and kind of over done so I like to have a good change. Plus, with two small children, time is something I have little of, so I sometimes like to switch my processes around, allowing myself to work in a much freer, simpler 100% abstract style. I have always felt that painting should be fun, not a difficult thing to do, I love to connect with the childish aspect of my personality and paint artwork to make me happy”.

She studied at Loughborough University, UK, graduating in 2005 with a BA (hons) degree in Fine Art (Painting).

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    Georgina Vinsun
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    Georgina Vinsun

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