Northumberland based artist Emma Boiston joins the gallery this July, with her work featuring in our annual Best Of Scottish Art Schools Show 2020.

Using thread Boiston builds stories that are rooted in child-like imaginings of the past as an attempt to memorialise a time that has been lost. Fabric is dyed with vegetables, fruits and stains in an attempt to rebuild a memory of the garden’s of her childhood; whilst stitching, knitting and embroidering establishes a closeness to domesticity and the women of her family.

The process of making acts as a coping mechanism for pain, a form of translating identity, rooting the maker in a place and time as a means of documenting a life.

“A patchwork of thoughts, smells, textures; layers of a past that looms on my mind, stitched together as a way of treasuring time”.

Boiston graduated from GSA with a BA(Hons) in Painting & Printmaking, 2020.