Edinburgh based artist Emily Moore creates arresting landscape paintings using an amalgamation of personal source images, usually photographs taken to record her own travels and experiences. Each body of work is a documentation of those experiences, the creative process allowing Moore to recall each place and combine them to create new, anonymous landscapes.

In particular Moore is drawn to the patterns and forms of mountainous environments and the contrasting, geometric shapes and lines of the man-made structures which inhabit them. Her paintings explore the tension between these two conflicting themes, looking to strike a balance within the final composition.

The physical act of creating a piece, the surface and materials, has always been an important part of Moore’s practice. She works directly onto wooden birch panels, constructing the image in individual detailed layers, whilst retaining elements of the natural wood beneath.

Moore graduated with a 1st class degree from ECA in 2013. She was the recipient of the RSA Keith Prize in 2012 and the RSA Guthrie Award in 2016.