“Using strong linear elements I simplify 2D structures creating bold graphic imagery that introduces a minimalistic abstraction to otherwise complicated structural mazes. The structures were first visualised from “The Penrose Triangle” optical illusion popularised in the 1950’s by Lionel Penrose and son describing it as “impossibility in its purest form”. Thinking about the basic mechanics of this geometry, I create structures that are viewed in a forced perspective and this allows me to create a body of unique designs with a shared visual character. It was important to me to take a different step with the impossible pathway illusion. So, I created the thought of water pipe systems that play on the idea of having no direction, no beginning or end. This then allowed me to further explore my style and found inspirations from 90’s graffiti, skate graphics and traditional screen printing”.

Emily graduated from DJCAD in 2018 with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art. We were delighted to feature her work in our highlight ‘Best of Scottish Art Schools Grad Show 2018’.