Eleanor Carlingford is a painter who graduated from The Glasgow School of Art in 2005, after having a successful career as a writer and journalist. Her works constantly grapple with the questions how do you know who you are, how do you get the hang of life and how to act and react, what is your identity? Is being Irish or Scottish, Catholic or Protestant, male or female, short or tall, good at maths, fond of ska or world music, vegetarian/grumpy/extroverted/patient/disabled. Is any or all of this the defining thing? Carlingford doesn’t think so. She believes that for the most part people become a version of what they have learned that they are – “I believe that true identity emerges gradually. It takes dedication to hear that inner voice.”

Her successful 2017 solo show explored the theme of ‘Leaving’. Her latest show entitled ‘Interface’ opens 24 November 2018. In this new body of work, Carlingford deals with the idea of reflections – of ones own personal reflection and the psychology that exists behind. All new works will be available to view online 25 November 2018.

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