Diane Dawson graduated from GSA with a BA(Hons) in Fine Art Painting and Printmaking in 2010. She was awarded both the Glasgow Print Studio Prize and the Euan Stewart Memorial Prize.

Human and animal responses to the built environment are recurring themes in Diane’s prints and paintings where she creates a single scene, reminiscent of a film still, a family photograph or a press cutting. Diane’s work has consistently created scenes where characters are out of place, excluded or intruding. The characters are selected from found images, historical record and, most notably, by working with mounted specimens, which are then costumed, arranged and lit.  She has repeatedly used celebratory signifiers such as bunting, balloons and confetti and placed them in urban or deprived settings.   This practice of paying constant attention to the mise-en-scene leads to a body of work that has a deep emotional content and offers the audience an opportunity to engage with the chosen characters, aspects of states of mind, and diverse personal responses to complex social and political pressures.

Diane uses her paintings to work with more intimate and personal themes and she uses prints to explore more urban political themes illustrating how we relate to the built environment.