“My artworks are a response to the experience of exploring place as represented by Google Streetview. An activity which became increasingly frequent and symbolic after restrictions placed on societal movement. I use the program to examine places and architectural structures with resonance in my personal history, often those now permanently altered from my memories or which have vanished entirely in an ever-changing city.

I appropriate imagery from the programs consistently renewed pool to make artworks which serve as a lament for the threatening of historic structures by encroaching modernity. Through sampling, pre-existing compositions are subject to a process of translation and re-staging, imbued with alternative meaning.

The works reflect a world overloaded with images, and paintings parallels with both the screen and image-based technology. The result is essentially landscape painting as dictated by the digital age and the internet, without omitting graphic details and glitches. Sometimes the figures frozen within this alternate world appear, with other seemingly accidental elements, questioning Streetview’s intentions. Whether the object intruding on the road is impeding Google’s efforts, or if Google is there to document this situation”.

Derek graduated with a BA (Hons) Painting & Printmaking GSA 2022. We are delighted to be featuring his work in our highlight ‘Best of Scottish Art Schools Grad Show 2022’.