Derek C Spence’s work explores conflict and associated feelings of anxiety, through use of contrasting colour, differentiated mark-making, unconventional materials and difference in scale.

“I want to explore conflict and the feeling of anxiety through contrasting colour, differentiating mark making, unconventional materials and differences in scale. The work which consists of oil paintings and wood cut prints doesn’t carry any set narrative but instead allows the viewer to create their own narrative. This allows the imagery to shine through and not be pulled back by the artists own message”.

His influence primarily comes from the German Expressionist movement with artists such as Max Beckman, Ernst Ludwig Kircher as well as more contemporary artists including Daniel Richter and Tel R.

Derek graduated with a BA (Hons) Fine Art DJCAD 2023. He currently lives and works in Edinburgh and continues to practice his painting and printmaking. We’re delighted to be featuring Derek’s work in our annual highlight Best Of Scottish Art Schools Grad Show 2023.