Daphne Percy-Chorafa’s practice revolves around socio-psychological portraiture. Fascinated by the human factor and what constitutes identity, in particular how identity is manifested in the face. What is our façade; its geography shaped, after genes, by emotion and experiences. Her work is largely autobiographical, but she does seek to explore a human universality.

“The narrow line between control and surrender of control to the medium is my playing field. I constantly shift from minuscule precision to an intuitive, fluid freedom, exploring the balance between conscious and subconscious expression. My work is based on research of my scattered genetic roots, in an attempt to reconcile them through the act of drawing and painting and gain a deeper understanding of the human self through the process. I find drawing to be a means of unity: this tactile action of fingerprints brushing paper is a direct connection to our genes”.

Percy-Chorafa graduated from DJCAD with a BA(Hons) in Fine Art in 2016.