Coll Hamilton

Glasgow based fine artist Coll Hamilton’s works are narrative driven figurative paintings and studies. His distinctive use of line-work is thanks in apart to his formal training as an Illustrator. He mixes delicate pastels, intricate inks and pencils, strong charcoal blends and rich textures with oils and acrylics. 

Current Artist Statement

“Over the last couple of years I have been pre-occupied with working on portraits – drawing and painting human faces and stretching how expressive and kinetic my mark making can get before the images start to lose any observational likeness to the subject while still retaining an emotional relevance. I have moved between different approaches, producing realist portraits alongside more expressive and abstracted pictures. 

This year I wanted to return to working on narrative paintings and create stories set within a recognisable portrayal of Glasgow, my home city. In a similar journey to my experimentation in portraiture I started to explore the urban environment around me. These new drawings are part of my questioning approach to this work – trying different approaches to capturing the city on paper not just as a setting for human interaction or to serve as a background for figurative, human subjects to move within – but how to render the buildings and streets with character themselves.

In pencil drawings I have captured the solidity and monumentality of buildings . In images created using charcoal and soft pastels I have sought to portray the texture, colours, shapes and geometry of the structures with emotion and feeling without the density and permanence of the architecture fragmenting and dissolving within the drawing.

As I was thinking about stories to tell within these communal, shared spaces of the city the country went into a period of lockdown. As people sheltered at home and spent less time outside my observations of the streets around me were of eerily quiet spaces, with lone figures or families walking apart from other people. This atmosphere of apprehension and silence has had an effect on the drawings produced during this time and the stories I’ll be telling as I continue on this new body of work”.

Coll graduated from GSA in 2006 where he specialised in Illustration.