Scottish mixed media artist Chloe Duncan joins the gallery this July, with her work featuring in our annual Best Of Scottish Art Schools Show 2020.

Combining digital processes and techniques such as Photoshop and Photomontage as well as traditional media within her printmaking practice, allows for a diverse aesthetic quality within Duncan’s work. Each piece presents an amalgamation between the digital and the physical. As an Autistic artist with sensory sensitivity; emphasising light, colour, sound and touch as part of her aesthetic language inspires a saturated colour palate and complex, clustering motifs.

Duncan’s practice is an enquiry regarding the natural world, depicting themes of Creole folklore as an element of revisiting her heritage from Reunion Island; a small volcanic island in the Indian Ocean. Her memories of Reunion’s lush and vibrant organic landscape is developed through the use of motifs throughout her work, which celebrates the interplay between horticultural representations of life and the concept of Memento-Mori. Her use of these themes allows for exploration of aesthetic polarities and a resulting interplay between the visually attractive and the Grotesque; referencing anthropomorphism as design within decorative Baroque and Rococo periods. This interplay translates through a series of mixed media landscape prints and interior illustrations that explore the boundaries between the familiar and intimate as well as the elusive or exotic.

The subject matter and themes of work often materialise through imagery found within Duncan’s extensive collection of encyclopaedias, which she uses as a resource in her attempt to understand the world around her; many depicting anatomical studies and fuelling her lifelong fascination with plants, both ornamental and medicinal.

Duncan graduated from GSA with a BA(Hons) in Painting & Printmaking, 2020.