Glasgow based Callum Youde is inspired by everyday stories that unfold around him throughout the daily act of living. The things he sees, objects he uses, music he is listening to. Callum documents these experiences in sketches and photography – constructing, deconstructing and layering imagery. He works expressively, predominantly with oil bars and spray paint to reveal his semi abstracted versions of reality.

“My aim is to undermine and destabalize the static graphic qualities of the images in order to create a sense of movement. I work organically, responding intuitively to the emerging and changing dynamic of the visual story emerging on the canvas. The use of oil bars, acrylics and spray paint allows me to work quickly and fluidly, creating a sense of vibrancy, fluidity and immediacy that I hope embed in my works. Using the layering of line, colour, tone and mark making I aim to capture the sensory experience of a moment in time, elevating the unremarkable and ordinary into something remarkable and extraordinary”.

Callum graduated with a 1st Class BA(Hons) Fine Art from DJCAD 2021. We featured his work in our highlight Best of Scottish Art Schools Graduate Show 2021.