Mixed media artist Brandon Dempsey intentionally weaves thoughts and conversations amongst crudely drawn imagery in his work. Depicting the destructive ethos of graffiti and post-punk, from his application of paint to choice of material; painting over boards and found objects.

I am interested in developing my visual vocabulary, appropriating imagery from punk fanzines, slam skateboarding magazines, matchbook boxes to yogurt cartons. Remixing references from residual marks left after graffiti removal, street signage, architectural motifs and counterculture artists like Raymond Pettibon, Jamie Reid and Wes Wilson.

Working primarily in paint, I create accumulative neo-expressionist scenes with an aim to capture angst and mess. Embracing mistakes and imperfection to communicate a feeling over aesthetic values”.

Brandon graduated from DJCAD with a BA(Hons) Fine Art, 2020. We featured his work in our Best of Scottish Art Schools Grad Show 2020.