Anna Mickevica graduated from DJCAD in 2017 and featured in our Best Of Scottish Graduates Show. Figurative painting is a compulsory element of Anna’s art practice. Her idea is to depict the human body in a way that everyone can be an artist while looking at the work. The combination of abstraction and figurative elements is a characteristic feature that forces the viewer to “play” with the painting in their own imagination.

Utilising a different approach to the figurative art allows Anna to paint in a brave manner, valuing confidence, risk and accident. She believes that “Art is Life and Life is Art, that’s why it is so important to use every opportunity on a canvas the same way as in life, and to make good out of bad and perceive mistakes as a new opportunity for change”. Her preference is to paint on large scale boards and canvases that allow for plenty of movement. She uses drawing elements together with painting in order to combine the expression with the grace of line.

She says of her work;

“I want my paintings to be completely free, I want the viewer to be an artist, I want them to decide what is there and who is there. I want my painting to be everything. I want them to be light, brave, deep, elegant and simple”.

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