London based artist Anna Davanzo was born in Islington in 1963. She graduated with an honours degree at Central Saint Martin’s School of Art in 1992 and completed a postgraduate course in painting at the Royal Academy Schools in London. 

Since graduating, Davanzo has pursued her love of painting and photography, particularly focused on abstraction and minimalism. She has been heavily influenced by American Abstract Expressionists; from Willem de Kooning, Roberth Motherwell and Gerhard Richter. Each painting is primarily a means of self expression, where the process is valued equally to the finished article.

She say’s of her work:

“As an Abstract Painter the inspiration behind my work portrays strong autobiographical elements that reflect and link directly with my love of nature and its quiet sense of the sacred. It is this “quiet sense of the sacred” that is the emotive link between that of my inner world and that of my outer world. I enjoy playing and teasing with the notion of contradiction between the physical quality of paint and the spatial illusion of the taken photograph, as such much of the image making is directed and amalgamated from frozen captions of emotive information seen journeying through different realms of space. This combined with shifting picture plains as well as my depiction of colour then allows conscious as well as unconscious shapes and forms to present themselves on the canvas. The paintings are built up gradually with sometimes many layers often revealing fragments of earlier work, thus contributing to the finished piece in ways that could not have been conceived when the paint was put down”.