Allan Myles in an internationally recognised photographer and cinematographer who is based between the UK and Asia. He has worked for top clients all over the world including Hong Kong Tourism, Guinness, BHP and McDonalds to name a few.

We are featuring a number of Allan’s works in the gallery.

Glasgow Animals offers a different lens through which to gaze upon this ‘no mean city’. The animals reflect not only the gentle roughness of this once gritty city, but hark back to the Victorian Era. An era through which Glasgow, “the second city of the British Empire” becomes the new home of escaped exotic animals brought to Great Britain during the Empire years. While the mood, influenced by the 1920’s Surrealism movement, is dark and cold, the harsh juxtaposition of the animals and their environment is short-lived feeling; the animals belong here, in this friendly city.

Carpe Diem is a photographic manifesto exploring the ‘passage of time‘. Throughout this collection of stills, a wilting flower becomes the motif for the descent of life and the beauty left behind. Frail flower heads are symbolically portrayed like humans with Allan recording the individual character and expression of each bloom. For more background information on this series, check out our blog A Closer Look at Carpe Diem by Allan Myles here.