We’re delighted to share the glowing feedback from some of the artists we’ve worked with.

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Artpistol is fantastic way for young emerging artists to promote their art to an online audience, allowing for a huge variety of work to be displayed and flexibility to negotiate sales.
Olly WalesA wonderful and eclectic mix of the best in Contemporary Art from the UK and they also regularly organize shows where you get to see the art face to face and have a chance to meet the artist and talk to them about the artwork. I have sold several pieces through Art Pistol and they have always been good to work with and down to earth friendly peoples who take an interest in the work of the artist. Breath of fresh air in the art world.
JefrusI joined Art Pistol last November and by Christmas had sold 8 paintings. The website is so accessible for viewers even my husband gets it; as for Artists, once you follow the precise instructions, it’s easy to upload pictures and blurb. But the thing I like best about Art Pistol is the buzz of stuff happening and the great support from Ali and the team.
Jennifer Bisset

Art Pistol has a really easy website to use as an artist and a buyer. It makes a real difference when things are easy to find. I can upload paintings or prints and describe my own work. I feel Art Pistol are really straight forward to deal with, which is nice!
Lee Robertson

It’s very easy to upload your latest work on Art Pistol, and quick too – the website presents your work in a consistent way which shows it off beautifully. The quality of work is very high across the board too, which is important to professional artists.
Julie ArbuckleArt Pistol serves as a dynamic and easy way for an artist to showcase and sell their work. It’s a comprehensive and easy to use website that boasts a wealth of different styles, genres and media selling for a variety of prices. An aspect of the service that is helpful to a freelance artist is that price is determined by the artist themselves. This means that work may be priced relative to the labour and cost you have personally invested in the creation of the work and the low commission rate ensures that each sale is fair and profitable for all involved. Communication between the artist and the owners of Art Pistol is also very good, very friendly, helpful and always accommodating of each individuals needs. Art Pistol is a very dynamic company to be represented by; they are always seeking out new and interesting ways to promote and celebrate the work in their gallery, with things like pop-up opportunities and interviews. I feel that this helps create a sense of community amongst the artists that is potentially absent from other organisations. Overall, I have had a great experience with Art Pistol and look forward to future events, opportunities and art work.
Susan LawsArt Pistol have been so friendly, professional and an absolute pleasure to work with when selling my art.
Fiona Jack

When I was first introduced to Art Pistol my initial reaction was “at last, I have found an online gallery that feels right’, one showing a style of work that is refreshing in its diversity and appeal with no over complicated interface or text rich descriptions of work…. Just great art presented well. Being unique in representing artists with a mix of online and physical exhibitions is really useful to any artists, both newcomer and established as this will reach the wider web based audience and still offer the opportunity for customers to see and appreciate the final works.
Dave HuntI have used artpistol.co.uk to display and sell artwork for the last year. Ali is always there to answer my questions and has offered valuable advice and relayed useful feedback from buyers. A great site and service. Thanks!
Sandra McDonaldThe Art Pistol site is very professional, reaches a wide range of the public, and the owner is very professional and fair. They also sell my work, as well as providing actual galleries, where the work is well presented.
Thea Muller Jensen

The quality of the website is excellent and a good showcase for my work. The additional benefits of ongoing promotion online and in exhibitions are fantastic.
Jenny Hunter

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