Untitled (Tubes) IX

James Frew


This series consists of framed plaster castings of paint tubes. Frew considers the paint tubes as being both sculptures and paintings in their own right, straddling a discourse between painting, sculpture and installation, whilst at the same time addressing a wider formal network regarding the position of traditional studio painting, reconfigured in a slightly unnerving, sterile state, occupying the uncanny nature of the original and the duplicate, blurring the distinction between the fabricated and the real, the traditional art object and the ready-made, becoming a dialogue between representation and simulacrum; for the spectator, it would be difficult to discern what the a priori in this instance would be. The paint tubes are a musing on the idea of process painting, whilst at the same time considering the discourse between the utility of an item and its renewed objective status after being simulated through an artistic process. Furthermore, the painted frames act as an extension of the painted element of the works.

Framed plaster casting and spray paint.



Additional Information

Dimensions29 × 22 × 3 cm

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