The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction (Reflected)

Christian Kerr

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We are one. One world, divided by land and water, divided by border guards and barbed wire, divided by race, divided by religion, divided by class, divided by political parties, divided by a system that tells us to hate our neighbour. Will others’ suffering ever become ‘our’ suffering? This question lead Christian to use, what he calls, a ‘stream of consciousness’ approach, allowing him to express thoughts and emotions that he was experiencing when working on the piece.

In this piece, Christian uses a variety of symbolism, journal entries, signs and imagery to encourage the viewer to form their own interpretations on what is depicted, as they immerse themselves in the scale of the work. ‘The Truth is Stranger than Fiction’ series had an unexpected, therapeutic and meditative affect. Christian found himself relieving built up tension that was gained from researching such a catastrophic event. Christian discussed the work saying, “In our lifetimes, we will find many unexplainable acts of both cruelty and kindness that will defy explanation – yet life moves forward”.

Charcoal and mixed media on paper.

This work featured in Christian’s GSA Degree Show 2020 and was a highlighted work in many media reviews.

The drawing is set in a custom made black wood frame.

Read about Christian’s current practice and view all his work now.

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Dimensions161 × 125 cm

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