Thirty Minutes Well Spent #1

Dale Wilson


My work explores tensions between the obsolete and the reclaimable, the digital and the analogue, the machine-made and the man-made.

Strands of audiotape are arranged, overlaid and applied to wooden boards in industrial and decorative motifs, evoking the look of machine printed vinyl sheets. This machine-made aesthetic is at odds with the steady and meticulous labour used to produce the work, just as the limited duration of the audio contained on the surface undermines the work’s inherent production time.

Here, 30 or 60-minute compositions reduce personal and evocative material such as audio recordings into a mere surface or skin, recording repetitive human labour or mark making. Through my practice, I play with notions of labour, production, and time.

Additional Information

Dimensions60 × 60 × 2 cm

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