Stalker’s Apocalypse

Sigita Morkūnaitė

Stunning triptych of oil paintings depicting a female laying with closed eyes. Is she asleep or somewhere else… This work formed part of Sigita Morkunaite’s 2015 portfolio. She graduated from The Glasgow School of Art this year, 2016, where she received the Essay Prize for The School of Fine Art and was joint-winner of the W O Hutcheson Prize.

The following extract from ‘Stalker’s Apocalypse’ accompanies this work –

And when the Lamb broke the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven for about half an hour (Revelation 8:1)

“6am. The sky is overcast, but the soft light of dawn shows through slightly, saturating the green of the lush vegetation. In the hilly, misty, overgrown meadowland Stalker wanders off to be by himself. Out of sight of the others, he sinks down into the undergrowth and lies flat out on the ground. Tired, he turns over, sighs deeply and closes his eyes. Now he sinks down into himself slowly, into the hypnagogic state, yet he’s not asleep.
Time stops.
Suddenly, the light seems to change, as if one of the layers of cloud in front of the sun has moved away. But the light feels transcendental, it is not the light of the sun, or is it? What else? And there follows eerie silence for about half a second… Then, the next moment, it all shifts back, as it was before, as if nothing has happened. Stalker doesn’t even open his eyes. Didn’t he notice it?”

Oil on MDF board. Each individual board measures 19 x 28cm.

Additional Information

Dimensions19 × 84 cm

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