Scene #012

Darren Parker


Through imagery, technique and suggestion, I invite narratives, rather than dictate them. My compositions have no pre determined plan or ideal vision; they are allowed to be formed and modified during the process until the composition is right. The work operates like a collage, without having made a collage before painting begins. Everything is determined through the process of painting.

I express my interest in film through my work. Each painting is a stage set, building setting, characters and props in order to create a scene, and introducing an element of the theatrical.

My imagery invites the viewer to connect with the scene; a painting of a horse can reference majesty, elegance or classical art, but juxtaposed with a man in a gas mask, its meaning is altered, its purpose uncertain. Uncertainty encourages the viewer to reconsider what they first accepted as a believable scene.

Playing on familiarity and what is acceptable, and re-presenting in a new condition, I enhance realities and interlock themes in each painting. My scenes are viewed from a photographic perspective, so I incorporate my own energy and expression in order to breathe life into these freeze- frame moments.

Additional Information

Dimensions50 × 60 cm

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