All Hail Mr Kitty

James Frew


My work deals with concepts relating to the Absurd; this stems from a philosophical enquiry into ideas surrounding Existentialism. I aim to draw attention to the medium of paint and I ironically implement its use as an elevated method to describe the profane nature of my subject matter. The medium of paint and its many variations are critiqued just as much as the subject matter itself.

In my series ‘All Hail Mr. Kitty’ I have expanded on the above ideas and applied them to the pop culture icons we are surrounded by in a digital age (in this instance I have referenced societies fascination with the Cat). Orwellian figures anonymously clad in black suits add ambiguity and unease to the compositions, suggesting tension or a disenchantment with mass iconography. Subtle sexual associations can be extrapolated from the scale of the figures in relation to the cats – this experimentation with scale also portrays the cat in a God like, omnipresent position; not unlike the social media and digital culture that surrounds us. As always, appropriation and humour play a part in my work.

Additional Information

Dimensions61 × 53 cm

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