A Glimpse, Short But Real

Eleanor Carlingford


Original oil on canvas, 2018.

This painting is one of 14 new works featuring in Eleanor’s new solo show ‘Interface’.

Show Statement:

“Twenty years ago Jonathan Miller curated an exhibition in Tate Britain entitled On Reflection. I went to see it. Exhibited there were paintings from every era which depicted reflections in mirrors. Miller’s texts about the concept were fascinating and I have been intrigued by the psychological aspect of looking in a mirror ever since.

Interface is my take on this. Totally engaged as I am with an interrogation of personal identity, it seems a logical step to look in a mirror to see who is there. Is this how others see us? Is this the way we view ourselves?

More intriguing still is the realisation that a reflection includes yourself plus whatever is behind you. The view forward is totally obscured. Carl Jung sums up this concept when he describes having experienced a feeling echoing this idea. He reports his conviction that: “I consisted of my own history, and I felt with great certainty: this is what I am. I am this bundle of what has been, and what has been accomplished.” 


Additional Information

Dimensions122 × 92 × 3 cm

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