Fense II

Edward Bruce


This work featured in Edward Bruce’s 2018 MLitt Degree Show at GSA. The work explores how binaries operate and under which conditions binaries break down. For example, the mysterious letter forms on the bibs of netball positions (WA, GD, C etc.) as only understood by the girls (as boys do not play netball).

Silkscreen on paper.

Limited Edition of 2.

“… common ground is the moment when a zero is in the act of changing to an one or vice-versa. The microscopic space of etched silicon that floods with electrons or empties out. A space of the in between that is needed by different ‘entities’ in order to differentiate and form identity. The in between space is the common ground. It’s both a space and a repeated moment in time. It’s the shared paper, screen and compressed air of speech where words differentiate and divide. Without it there is no system of difference. Without difference we are the same. The common ground allows for difference and therefore identity to be understood but it is also simultaneously a deconstruction of that difference. The interplay of this ensures that there is no stability in an identity based on difference. It’s the common seed that contradicts the rigidly different.” – McGill Gibney, 2018.

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Dimensions101.6 × 137.2 cm

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