Art Police



“I have noticed that in all walks of like if you do something different, something innovative and new the forces of vested interest crawl out from beneath their rocks of mediocrity and drag it down and try to drown it before it is born. Even in the world of art, where the new is expected, the self appointed Art Police cruise the gutters of self importance to impose their opinion on others. Of course, if what you do really catches on they will be right behind you and have been from the start. Ha!”

Spray-paint on a sheet of the Daily Telegraph.

These are not prints as each is individually done and signed to order and consequently vary a little from the illustrated picture. These paintings are sprayed onto plain paper (approx. 56x76cm) and are ready to hang with crossbars and nails.

Additional Information

Dimensions57 × 73 cm

We can custom frame all artwork, so let us know if you’d like to discuss options and see samples. Get in touch.

Free UK delivery applies to standard delivery in mainland UK. Additional costs apply for delivery outside of the UK. For example most prints will ship to the United States (US) for a flat £20 fee. Full terms here.



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