The Art Pistol Xmas Feast (Part 1)

Last weekend, we decked our walls with a bunch of shiny new art, for the winter season – in case you missed out, here’s an insight into a few of our gallery favourites…

Megan Wood

We love Megan for her heroic alpine explorers, so when she brought us a big stack of her new landscapes, we were fairly sure Christmas had come early. There is something very unusual, and very addictive about Megan’s work. She brings together dark, abstract washes of paint; with fluorescent sprays and drips. Already, her work is becoming immediately recognisable as hers, and that is really exciting…

Dawn Passing by Megan Wood, alternative Scottish landscape painting
Dawn Passing by Megan Wood

One of the stars of the show is Dawn Passing, made with oils, charcoal and spray paint, on 122 x 81.5cm board. A photograph of this work does not do justice to the irresistible atmosphere that Megan has managed to create. Artists, particularly photographers, generally call the hour before the sun has properly risen, the ‘golden hour’. It’s a fleeting period of time, where the sun creates a gorgeous golden glow. Megan has captured this perfectly in Dawn Passing; using orange spray paint to produce a warm haziness; broken up by satisfying flashes of fluorescent light and colour. What a feast for the eyes… Since last weekend, she’s brought to the gallery, loads of watercolour sketches; some of which are scaled-down alpine figures, and some are some really interesting facial portraits, that are well worth a look – especially if her larger-scale stuff has been catching your eye.

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Natasha Todd

Our Xmas show really is a feast for the senses, when faced with the geometric compositions of Natasha Todd. After spending her summer exhibiting at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, and at the Royal Scottish Academy; her work is now pride of place in amongst our wintery walls. Despite the seemingly contradictory title (for our…uh… winter show…), her Spring VI feels far from out of place here. Its perfectly-compact 23 x 23cm structure, is made up of geometric forms of acrylic paint on wood. Staring at this painting, it’s hard to work out if it’s the unusual-but-stunning combination of colours, or the satisfying sharp lines, that really makes this something special. Her work is inspired by nature; but she acknowledges that we don’t all see nature in the same way. It’s a feeling of nature, that she tries to create; and that it was makes her work so unique… At face value, the mathematical forms of Natasha Todd may seems as far from feeling as it’s possible to be; but when you look a little closer you can see that Spring VI is a subjective reaction to the beautiful forms of Spring (aw)…

Spring VI by Natasha Todd, geometric paintings
Spring VI by Natasha Todd

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Adam Bartlett

Now, yes, Christmas is fast approaching… but we are all too aware, that after the festivities are over, we still have three long months of Glaswegian winter ahead of us. This is where Adam Bartlett comes in. His Sensing the Night is the epitome of warmth and vibrancy. His background is in fashion textiles and design, and that seems to have given this landscape-esque painting, uniquely rich layers of texture and colour. Sensing the Night is 29.7 x 42cm, made from Enamel and Acrylic on board, and the effect of this is that the surface of the painting is extremely smooth, and meticulously precise. So its texture comes from these perfectly-formed shapes, that are laid on top of one another; built up, until they’ve created what looks like an embroidered surface. His use of blue tones, makes his oranges, purples and yellows, feel even toastier; leaving us with a perfectly vivid representation of paradise, that is certainly as far from our winter as it is possible to be…

Sensing The Night by Adam Bartlett, jungle painting
Sensing The Night by Adam Bartlett

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So, thank you for supporting our brilliant artists, and we can’t wait to see you all mooching round the gallery over the coming weeks. Watch this space for Part 2…