Artist Guido van Helten has painted his way across Australia to London, Iceland and now Glasgow where he is currently working with Art Pistol on a series of murals for the Glasgow 2014 XX Commonwealth Games. The Glaswegian walls are in great hands. Stay tuned…

Guido Street Art

Skagaströnd, Iceland

Reykjavik Street Art

‘Afi’ in Reykjavik, Iceland

Skagaströnd Street Art

Skagaströnd, Iceland

Australian Street Art

‘Bowers’ in Wooloongabba, Queensland, Australia

Oz Graffiti

‘Burghers of Calais’ Part One

Street Artists

‘Burghers of Calais’ Part Two

Street Art in Australia

‘Offerings’ in Fortitude valley, Brisbane, Australia

Street Art in Brisbane

‘3 day perspective’ (self portrait) Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

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