Art of Glasgow, Scotland and celebrated writers at Waterstones

The latest work on our Waterstone’s wall is inspired by Glasgow, Scotland and celebrated writers, in amongst a few remaining favourites.

We introduce 3 new Glasgow based artists during the Commonwealth Games – Marcus Raynal Hislop, Jefrus and Kevin Hunter. Here’s a little more on each, just click their name to see more of their artwork. The new show is now open and awaiting your visit. You’ll find the artwork on the stairwells between ground level and the second floor.


Marcus Raynal Hislop

“Based on the Clyde, in the heart of Glasgow, I paint every day. I love making art whether on canvas, digitally or printed on t-shirts. Some would call it an obsession. I call it very healthy enthusiasm. I hope you like my work.”


An artist of Austrian and Irish descent although born in the rain soaked city of Glasgow on the West coast of Scotland. Jefrus makes these pictures of Glasgow and Edinburgh (two cities he has lived and worked in). He likes to depict the familiar and iconic places that his feet have taken him in and out of, so there’s a fair number of pubs and cafes. It came about from an idea about places harbouring memories. A picture of a place can mean a thousand different memories to a thousand different people and its fun to swap stories.

Kevin Hunter

Born and raised in a small ship building town called Greenock, about 30 miles west of Glasgow, Scotland. Kevin has been painting since the age of 10. Having studied Interior Design in Glasgow, his background adds an interesting dimension to the artworks. He achieved national design awards during his studies and after graduating worked in the field of film and theatre set design, eventually finding himself interested solely in painting. The contemporary artworks vary from representational to abstract atmospheric oil paintings depicting Scotland’s landscapes. Influences include travel, film and music and perhaps most of all, Scotland’s beautiful ever changing scenery. You will also find sections on travels such as Europe and further afield.


Waterstones is located at 153-157 Sauchiehall St, Glasgow, G2 3EW and is open Mon-Wed 08.30-19.00, Thu 08.30-20.00, Fri 08.30-19.00, Sat 09.00-19.00 and Sun 10.00-18.00. If you’ve not been in before you should take a look. The place is massive; you could spend days, weeks, and months in there like a book loving fly caught in a web of books, thousands of books!

Enjoy the show and sign-up to be first to hear about our upcoming exhibitions at Waterstones. Remember all artists’ work is available to buy online too.