A view from the Clyde, Street Art in Glasgow

Clyde Street Glasgow Mural

Perhaps you’re one the many passing motorists who’ve already horned your approval – and if not it’s down on the riverside behind the St Enoch centre if you’re out hunting for it.

The initial Art Pistol concept was “A view from the Clyde”, which we then developed with the very talented artist responsible for bringing it to life, Rogue-One, a Glasgow based street artist.

The Clyde is actually a lot cleaner than you might think and we never imagined actually finding elephants swimming playfully in it, a giant Dalek, divers exploring ancient sunken standing stone sites, otters playing around caves, shoals of shiny colourful fish, and all along the banks of our very own Clyde River. Wow. Just imagine if we had! Well this is what you’d have seen. We wanted to create a view with a difference, something to inspire and be wonder, and really just raise a smile. And also something that would show off some of the Clyde’s impressive landmarks like the Armadillo, the Transport Museum, and our very own Mural!

Why waste any more words when the pictures you want to see say so much more.


Clyde Street Art in Glasgow

Clyde Street Art in Glasgow

It’s all about the development and regeneration of empty spaces in need of a little sparkle and we’d like to thank the everyone involved for bringing this project to life.

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