A Look At This Year’s Breakout Artists.

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The ‘Best of Scottish Art Schools Grad Show’ is now open. This annual showcase takes the temperature of the Scottish art scene straight from the schools and celebrates a crucial juncture for our emerging artists as they move out into the commercial art world.

We’ve 8 breakout talent from The Glasgow School of Art, Edinburgh College of Art and Dundee College of Art & Design in this year’s curated selection.

Agnes Brook-Sulman | ECA | View All Work

Agnes Brook-Sulman splits her time between Edinburgh and London. She is drawn to the abstract language of art and works intuitively, resolving paintings that express an inner feeling and spontaneity, resisting influences from external visual sources. She uses torn paper and collage techniques alongside traditional oil and acrylic paints. Agnes’ many layered compositions remain light and energetic.

A Look At This Year's Breakout Artists.
Dancing | VIEW

Derek Knox | GSA | View All Work

Glasgow based Derek Knox uses imagery sourced from Google Streetview to produce altered versions of land and cityscapes. Derek questions the presence of glitches and figures that have been digitally captured, recorded frozen in time and space, asking what their intention is. He is driving to understand the deliberate nature of their new found virtually stored existence.

A Look At This Year's Breakout Artists.
Puddle | VIEW

Felix Sinclair | DJCAD | View All Work

Felix Sinclair is a multi-disciplinary artist who lives and works in Dundee. His current practice is focused around printmaking, painting, collage and wood-carving in many abstract and expressive forms. The majority of Felix’s work sold during his Degree Show, but we look forward to growing his gallery collection.

A Look At This Year's Breakout Artists.
Moon | VIEW

Fyfe Daly | ECA | View All Work

Glasgow based Fyfe Daly is a figurative painter whose work looks to explore the relationships between people and space – how individuals and social groups function within domestic environments. His paintings are homely and comforting; still life’s filled with familiar objects and social scenes featuring friends at ease in each others company doing regular things. Fyfe was awarded the ‘Helen A Rose, Bequest’ and has been selected for the RSA New Contemporaries 2022. 

A Look At This Year's Breakout Artists.
Punch In Nanna’s Living Room | VIEW

Libby Hickson | ECA | View All Work

Edinburgh based Libby Hickson is a multi-disciplinary designer and artist. Her series Allsorts – a vibrant, busy, highly visual and engaging body of work – celebrates the unappreciated imagery that exists everywhere, from supermarket billboards, fabrics and clothes to high street packaging and general scraps. These mass produced and somewhat monotonous patterns and designs are repurposed and given a new identity within her work.

A Look At This Year's Breakout Artists.
Bounce | VIEW

Lisa O’Donnell | DJCAD | View All Work

Lisa O’Donnell’s work conveys the idea of the subconscious influence. She paints intuitively, responding to pattern and compositional elements as they reveal them self. Her paintings are large scale, vibrant, visual stories expressed with colour, precision, form and flow.

A Look At This Year's Breakout Artists.
Untitled 1:1 | VIEW

Patrick Mitchell | DJCAD | View All Work

Patrick Mitchell is a painter who lives in Perth, Scotland. He draws and paints subject matter that has personal significance – friends and family, places where he runs, himself. For Patrick, painting and drawing are a means of acting on his experience. He is interested in translating what he sees into the language of the material, and the possibilities of this language in relation to his changing perception and mental state.

A Look At This Year's Breakout Artists.
Self Portrait, Evening Light | VIEW

Spencer Dent | GSA | View All Work

Spencer Dent has a background in photography and during their studies, has developed their practice to include multiple printing techniques and weaving. Their work focuses on gender and the idea of ‘genderlessness’ and the conversation and theory surrounding gender – an interest that stems from their non-binary identity.

A Look At This Year's Breakout Artists.
Genderlessness I | VIEW