A look at Lily Macrae.


With powerful paintings that sit between figurative and abstraction, we opened 2018 with Lily Macrae’s standout (and near sell out) show ‘State of Change’.

A look at Lily Macrae.
Studio shot of canvas in progress, 2019…

It was her figurative shadows and fleeting moments of movement that drifted laterally in and out of the canvases she presented in her final year ECA Degree Show (2016) that first caught our eye.

And it’s been a joy to see how Lily has evolved her application over the last couple of years since leaving ECA. Studying the brushstrokes of the old Masters remains at the forefront of her practice.

A look at Lily Macrae.
Lily Macrae’s Impatience Of Nymphs (available as a Limited Edition Giclee Print)

This latest release from Lily is an 80cm squared Giclee reproduction of her oil painting, Impatience of Nymphs. She used this work to apply for a number of funding opportunities and was awarded 2; The British Sasakawa Foundation Emerging Artist Grant and The Hope Scott Trust. She’s currently using them and midway through an 8-week Artist Residency in Tokyo.

A look at Lily Macrae.
Lily Macrae’s Marmalade Skies & Face Up works installed at Radisson Blu, Glasgow

A fast emerging talent committed to her practice. We can’t wait for Lily’s next solo show later in the year.

Check out all of Lily’s works now!

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