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Fresh Collections

We’ve been busy curating, adding new work into several Artists’ gallery collections – with fresh limited runs, exclusive painting releases and new drawings. Here’s a select

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Interviews & Blog

In the Studio with Guto Morgan.

Guto Morgan’s work examines and reassembles seemingly empty spaces to create paintings wherein the unnoticed and bypassed elements of architecture and interior space (think humble corners, off-cuts of the periphery – walls, sills, alcoves, and ceilings) are considered and observed

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In the Studio with Ann Marie Webb.

It’s not a question of when Ann Marie Webb began to think of herself an artist, but how she came to be a painter. A transition that occurred during a stage in life when she was able to take back

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In the Studio with Dan Leo.

Ireland based multi-disciplinary artist Dan Leo had a realisation a few years ago – he didn’t have to paint things in the ‘correct colour‘. From that point on, Dan has been prolific in his practice working on varying scales, producing

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Q&A with Emma Doig.

Fine artist Emma Doig is a figurative painter who works mainly in oils. Her expressive work combines technical skill with great energy, resulting in fleeting images of the body in movement. From within each painting, emerges a multitude of experimental contouring and

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Artists to Watch

Georgia Green

Georgia Green is a printmaker and visual artist who creates colourful prints in response to the intimate treasures she unearths from soil, city and sea,

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Meig Sutherland

Scottish artist Meig Sutherland’s work focuses on the human form. Born from her love of life drawing, she explores ways to represent the human body.

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Richard Marsden

Originally from Leeds, printmaker Richard Marsden moved to Glasgow in 2018 to complete his Masters at GSA. His work is distinct – bold colours, sharp

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Ross Miller

Ross Miller’s body of work focuses mainly on self portraits. Working intuitively, Ross expressively draws out his character, incorporating elements of realism into emotionally charged,

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Sam Gare

Contemporary wilderness painter Sam Gare lives in London but calls Scotland her ‘second home’. Her work explores the wild, vast and lonely lands that remain

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