2021 Virtual Show: Elliot Killick.

Bad Faith, Oil on Panel, 15 x 15cm

Elliot Killick kicks off 2021 with his stunning collection of oil paintings. These works formed part of his final Masters Show (DJCAD ’20), where he was looking at the notion of ‘The Absurd’.

“The Absurd: the struggle between the human tendency to seek meaning and inherent value in an otherwise indifferent and irrational universe. According to Albert Camus, The Absurd cannot be negated once realised. One can therefore react to it in one of two ways; escapism or embracement”

2021 Virtual Show: Elliot Killick.
Plunge | Oil On Panel | £135 | VIEW

Elliot is an exceptional artist, whose work predominately centres around the human form. Using found vintage photography as his source image, he abstracts his characters, removes their backdrop, and places them into a ‘void’. Creating lucid moments that embrace the ‘absurdity’.

“Through painting, I attempt to portray this struggle, with reference to vintage photographs of people diving, jumping and falling. I abstract the figures from their original context and place them in an empty background, which I describe as a ‘void’, as an attempt to describe this irrational universe. Figures, which dive head-first into this ‘void’, I consider to embrace this notion of The Absurd and those which appear tentative in their decent or appear to fall try to elude it”.

2021 Virtual Show: Elliot Killick.
Overman | Oil On Panel | £350 | VIEW
2021 Virtual Show: Elliot Killick.
To Live With Appeal | Oil On Panel | £250 | VIEW

“The Paintings themselves are intended to look like old, damaged film in order to imply a moment of what Camus describes as “lucidity”- moments of awareness of The Absurd. By way of erasure, successive layers of paint blur the figure further into the background, suggesting a retreat into some kind meaning for life. However, sections of the painting become revealed again with application of odourless mineral spirits in an attempt to act as a metaphor for the figure’s lucidity. Some of the paintings contain full figures on their own; others are faded into the void space or have body parts missing. The reasoning behind this is to further express the notion there are no universal truths, with regards to The Absurd”.

Elliot Killick was an absolute stand out back in 2018 when he graduated from DJCAD. He completed his MFA Art & Humanities last year (DJCAD ’20). His paintings have always been part of sell out shows, and he had work purchased for a prestigious London collection – so it’s a great excuse to say “be quick!”.

2021 Virtual Show: Elliot Killick.
Untitled | Oil On Panel | £135 | VIEW

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