2019 Winter Show. Open till 24.12.19.

Barking Iron 03
2019 Winter Show. Open till 24.12.19.
The Blue Booth at Cresswell Lane

Our annual Winter Show in the West End runs right up to Xmas Eve with an ever evolving collection of works on show. From our latest finds to some fast rising stars.

We’ve stacked the booths with limited edition prints, unique photography, unseen drawings and some stunning original paintings. And the walls are much the same! Larger Mighty Fine Art waiting to be found.

Abstract, expressive, precise, fleeting, figurative, evocative, amusing, moving, flawless, drippy, trippy….Portraits, landscapes, constructed scenes imagined dreams, designed, discovered, bold, big, small…

If you’ve got a budget in mind and would like some help, please get in touch and we’ll curate a collection of works for you. Contact us now!

2019 Winter Show. Open till 24.12.19.
Gallery Wall at Cresswell Lane