12/12/12 the re re repeating date!


12 works that you’ll find searching the number 12, all in honour of the date 12/12/12.

There are going to be a flurry of weddings today and all because of the date. How romantic. Loved up couples want to make their big days numerically significant too. They’ll be able to brag about how they tied the noose on the 12th day of the 12th month in the year 2012 every anniversary. It is one of the true repeating dates and it will be 88 years until it happens again, so I guess they can’t really afford to wait! Next they’ll be singing about how their true loves gave them 12 Drummers drumming on the twelfth day of Christmas. Check out the spelling of ‘twelfth’. One of those where you find yourself questioning it, for ages. The elf’s had a hand in it.

You can legally buy yourself a pet if you are 12 years old in the UK. Who knew! Not the 8 year old me!

We run our years on a 12 month cycle and our days on two 12 hour schedules. If we increased both would we live for longer?

12 men have walked on the moon…………………………they form a pretty unique duodecad of human beings.

Speaking of which, each human has 12 pairs of ribs. Get me some Big Daddies Carolina Style Barbeque sauce and a napkin pronto, Mumma’s got some feasting to do!

Continuing the spirit of the number 12, here are 12 works that Art Pistol hides until you seek using the search criteria ‘12’. All for their own special little 12 reasons. See if you can spot why our search engine elf’s worked hard and specifically pulled them out of the online gallery….

12. ‘Corner Office, with view’ by Martin Lau

“From the series “Our Corporate Headquarters”.”

12. ‘Skyscrapers’ by Matthew Higgins (below)

“This particular painting is one of my most recent works. The work has been based on images, taken from orbiting satellites, of places around the world that are important to me, in this case Las Vegas and Toronto. I combine the images into a type of memory map, which I use as a study for the final piece. I use a variety of materials such as spray paint, sand, stones and metal. These elements are all encased in a thick layer or resin, protecting the fragile materials and adding an attractive gloss.”

12/12/12 the re re repeating date!


12. ‘The Calm Horizon’ by Kevin Hunter

“a moment of calm”

12. ‘Little White Roof’ by Samantha McCubbin

12/12/12 the re re repeating date!

12. ‘David’ by Julie Pallesen

“Original photograph of iconic Michelangelo sculpture printed on good-quality, textured paper.”

12. ‘Covered City 08’ by Martin Lau (below)

“Ghosts of the future await the great unveiling.”

12/12/12 the re re repeating date!

12. ‘Scene 12′ by Coll Hamilton

“One of a series of drawings featuring two characters in a scene from a narrative which it is left to the viewer to imagine. With no props or setting if is left to the interaction between the two characters in the scene to suggest the story. Drawing rendered in pastel, chalk and pencil on paper.”

12. ‘12’ by Justin Logue

“This work is part of a series of digitally created images examining the use of colour and line, and how they can be manipulated within a digital context. Each piece is created by continuously overlapping previous lines to create a crossing effect that when standing back creates a mass of colour.“

12. ‘Ingram St’ by Lee Robertson

12. ‘French Flowers II’ by Julie Pallesen

“An attempt to preserve summer, pressed and dried french flowers, scanned, printed then watercoloured. On fine textured paper.”

12. ‘Hands’ by Matt Davies

12. ‘029 (Reflections Range)’ by Jo Aanne


And if that didn’t capture your twelve-ination, why not spend the next wee while working out what the 12 function keys on your computer actually do!