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Lee Ellis "Pretty Ugly" October Show.

Lee Ellis “Pretty Ugly” October Show.

Lee Ellis realised he didn’t want to be a Graphic Designer pretty quickly after finishing his degree in Graphic Design (much to our pleasure). Instead he poured all his creative energy into abstracted expressive painting. His unsettling, comical and sometimes

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Changing Landscapes (Part II): Nature in crisis?

Changing Landscapes (Part II): Nature in crisis?

With Scotland recording its hottest night EVER in July, global warming is understandably on our minds… As Olafur Eliasson astutely points out in his extremely popular current exhibition at the Tate Modern in London, “art has a carbon footprint, too.”

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Summer Scenes Printed From Screens.

Summer Scenes Printed From Screens.

Screen-prints exist in a different artistic dimension to that of paintings. The creative process follows a different path, the artist’s brush is replaced by a squeegee (yes, that is really what it’s called), and the canvas is substituted for silkscreens

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