March 2012

Artist Interview with Coll Hamilton

Coll Hamilton shares some words with us this week. A very talented emerging artist with a distinct style that we love. He's proven popular on Art Pistol and is one to watch!

Bio:  My interest in story-telling and narratives are distilled in my paintings to creating moments that capture a place, a character or an expression, but most of all an atmosphere that could be part of a bigger story but which also stand alone as single images. I graduated from Glasgow School of Art and continue to live and work in Glasgow.

Artist Interview with John Parkin

John Parkin took some time to answer a few questions and give us a little insight into his world. We love his work and we're sure you will too. This is the first of a new fortnightly feature on Art Pistol artists, and we’d like to thank John for taking the first step... one small step for John one giant leap for Art Pistol... you get the picture... ok that's enough from us!